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Wire-free Breast Lesion Guidance

LOCalizer™ Precision Guidance for Breast Surgeries

The LOCalizer wire-free guidance system is designed to provide precision guidance for breast surgeons. Non-palpable breast lesions can be easily located using a miniature radiofrequency identification (RFID) Tag. Each Tag has a unique identification number that is displayed on a reader. The Tag can be placed in the breast any time prior to or on the day of surgery.

The LOCalizer™ system features:

  • A miniature radiofrequency tag with a unique identification number that is pre-loaded in a needle applicator. The applicator is available in three sizes (5cm, 7cm and 10cm)
  • A single-use surgical probe with small, ~8mm Tip
  • A portable handheld reader that can be placed in the sterile Field1

The LOCalizer™ system benefits:

  • Convenient scheduling
  • Mobile portability
  • Distance gauge
Hologic LOCalizer Tag

Wire-free miniature RFID tag

At approximately 10.6 mm long and 2 mm in diameter, each Tag includes a unique identification number which is displayed on the reader. Each tag is encased in a polypropylene cap designed to minimise migration in tissue. The Tag is visible under Ultrasound and X-ray, allowing for flexible placement with both imaging modalities and is MR conditional.

Portable handheld reader

The handheld reader displays both the distance to the Tag in millimeters and the Tag’s ID number on a bright screen, making it easy to read during the procedure. The LOCalizer reader can locate the tag up to a 60mm distance and does not interfere with surgical equipment such as metal retractors and complies with all wireless, electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility standards. With its portable design, the LOCalizer reader is suitable for use in both sterile and non-sterile environments.

Single-use surgical probe

The Surgical Probe is a pencil-sized, single-use surgical probe that will guide the surgeon towards the Tag during the operation. The ~8mm diameter of the surgical probe allows for small incisions.

Maximise schedule flexibility without the hassle of complex regulations associated with radioactive seeds.

  1. When placed in a sterile drape.

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