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See Clearly. Act Confidently.

With the Faxiton® Trident® HD Specimen Radiography System, you know with certainty

When it comes to performing breast conserving surgeries or stereotactic breast biopsies, nothing is more important than being sure.

Have the markers been captured? Are the margins clear? Are the targeted calcifications visible?
This next-generation solution taps into the power of Hologic’s proven detector technology to generate sharp, highly detailed images for rapid sample verification in the operating room (OR) or procedure room.

No transporting the specimen to another room for imaging. No waiting for margin confirmation. No costly scheduling delays.
Instead, you have the quality images you need to make informed clinical decisions at the point of care – to help streamline workflow, shorten procedures, and reduce recalls.1
The Faxiton® Trident® HD system’s sleek, modern, ergonomic design has a footprint that is 37% smaller than the original Trident®, making it easy to maneuver. The imaging area is 71% larger accommodating the widest range of specimen sizes.

The Faxiton® Trident® HD system is fast to learn, easy to use and simple to maintain, giving you more time to do what you do best – take care of your patients.

Faxiton® Trident® HD system features:

Precise. Exceptional Image Quality

The Faxiton® Trident® HD radiography system utilises amorphous selenium direct capture imaging to generate crisp, clear, high resolution biopsy images that inspire confidence. This is the same detector technology which is used in the market leading Dimensions® platform.

The Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) is optimised for breast excisions and core biopsies.

Efficient. Improved Workflow

  • Instant verification results in faster procedure time and improved workflow1 without the need to wait for margin confirmation.
  • The intuitive user interface and software-driven controls eliminate procedural steps, simplifying staff communication and encouraging collaboration.
  • The specimen image can be compared against the original mammogram or biopsy on one screen.

Intuitive. Ease Of Use

  • User friendly control panel and software interface with a robust tool set including annotate, measure and zoom.
  • Modern touchpad controls, an enclosed design for easy cleaning and a smaller footprint to maximise theatre space.
  • Easy integration into your facility
  • WiFi enabled having the ability to send images to the SecurView® diagnostic workstation with the touch of a button.

1. Wilson A. Trident 2.0 QUAL Qualitative Findings. Explore and identify the idea breast biopsy verification system from the OR. Kadence International. July 2016

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