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Lymph Node Detection

TruNode® Single-use Gamma Probe System

The TruNode® system is a high performance, sterile, single-use, wireless gamma probe that has been optimised for the most common radio-guided surgical procedures. The TruNode® system is effective in applications such as sentinel lymph node biopsy.

The innovative design includes:

  • 10% energy resolution enabling precise hotspot localisation
  • Ergonomic design that eliminates the need for a collimator
  • Small probe tip with a 10mm operative diameter
  • Audible and clear visual user feedback
  • Fully sterile probe, eliminating the need for drapes and reprocessing

Minimally invasive node detection

The TruNode® system is designed to detect faint nodes even when close to the injection site and enables precise hotspot localisation throughout the axilla. Additionally, the sterile, single-use nature of the probe reduces the risk of cross-contamination and surgical site infection.

With a simple to use fingertip controls from the sterile field, toggle easily between three modes of detection: Scan, Point and Seed. Utilise these intuitive modes to optimise sentinel node, parathyroid and tumor localisation procedures.

Designed for optimal use

TruNode®: available in selected markets only.

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