Complete 3D

Building on the impressive legacy of Faxitron® products, Hologic’s Faxitron CT Specimen Radiography System brings CT technology to specimen radiography in the OR for complete 3D imaging.

Faxitron CT is now part of the innovative breast surgery portfolio from the leading breast imaging and skeletal health expert, Hologic.

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“I don’t think there is any way I could go back to using a 2D system.
It doesn’t give you the information that’s best, that you need to make decisions for your patient while you’re in the operating room.”

-Dr. Matthew Wakefield, surgeon and Medical Director of the Cone Health Breast Cancer Program in Greensboro, NC

There’s more to learn about Faxitron CT.

Better Margin Assessment with 3D Reconstruction.

Faxitron CT is designed to improve margin assessment by reconstructing the specimen with 0.1 mm slices on all 3 Axes.

Better Than 3D Alone.

CT imaging for specimen verification in the operating room provides a clearer picture than 3D tomosynthesis alone, helping to ensure you’ve removed the complete target area without ever leaving the operating room.

Better for Patients.

It allows for shorter time under anesthesia and can potentially reduce the need for a second surgery.

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